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The Ultimate Heavy Metal Horns Collection

Heavy metal horns or devil horns are important to many metal heads like me. It’s so convenient to have a hand gesture that expresses approval and worth “heavy metal style”. This collection of metal horns maybe useful to you in your dealings on the net, be it email, blogging, social networking or whatever. Here you’ll find just the right “horns up” for any occasion.

Basic Horns

Simple and to the point. A plain old “horns up”

heavy metal horns


Annotated Horns

To make things crystal clear

heavy metal horns
heavy metal horns


Real Metal Horns

When something is so metal it literally is metal

heavy metal horns


Zombie Horns

Everyone loves zombies

heavy metal horns


Postage Stamp Horns

Hey we’re far away from each other but you are still metal

heavy metal horns


Birthday Horns


heavy metal horns


Patriotic Horns

I don’t know, maybe your going to see Maiden on the 4th of July

heavy metal horns


Shadowy Horns

You’re feeling dark and creepy

heavy metal horns


Beatles Horns

If your into metal and The Beatles

heavy metal horns


Xray Horns

For heavy metal med students

heavy metal horns


Flaming Horns

Flames are metal

heavy metal horns

heavy metal horns

heavy metal horns
heavy metal horns
heavy metal horns


Wide Horns

Two hands for extra emphasis

heavy metal horns


Weird Horns


heavy metal horns


Symbolic Horns

For minimalists

heavy metal horns


Creature Horns

For metalheads with a large collection of action figures

heavy metal horns


Dio Horns

Because its Dio

heavy metal horns


Glove Horns

Not sure about this one

heavy metal horns


Pixellated Horns

If your in a metal mood and remembering Donkey Kong

heavy metal horns
heavy metal horns


Sillouette Horns

When you’re feeling like your at the show

heavy metal horns
heavy metal horns

There you have it, a heavy metal ‘horns up’ for every occasion.

If you want to hear something that really deserves the horns, check out this new heavy metal release from Cruz del Sur Music!


  1. Some of the horns are really cool. Liked it.

  2. ofdfds

    fucking pointless post. get a job. stop diluting the already weak humour of the internet.

  3. Mark

    The Patriotic Horns entry confuses me. The horns have the American flag on, yet Maiden (assuming Iron Maiden) are British…

    What happened? :S

    I liked the flame and shadow ones \m/

  4. DJ

    hey i made the “Wide Horns” that exact image and everything
    i diddnt know that sumthin i made would b somewhere other than my own personal junk the origional quote for that is “Too much metal for one hand”

  5. -ofdfds

    ofdfds, fucking pointless comment. get a job. stop diluting the already weak humour of the internet.

  6. DUDE

    to DJ

    I wouldn’t take credit for the “wide horns” the thumbs are on the wrong side of the hands. Try making it in real life, to do it the way “you” have it, you have to cross your arms in a real jacked up stupid way.

  7. troll

    Needs Powerglove horns!

  8. adam

    Hey ofdfds, if its such a pointless and stupid post, why did you read it, and then take the time to post a comment on it? perhaps youre the one who needs to get a life.

  9. brandon atkinson

    a good page, I wish the images were bigger, I have been trying to find a large one of the metal horns explosion pic so i can make a desktop background or a wallpaper for my zune/cellphone/msn…

  10. technorat

    Great collection mate! Got a good laugh out of some of those.

  11. resgdthxyjtum

    yeah this is really stupid and pointless

  12. jennibal

    this is fucking stupid. and “wide horns” are supposed to be the pinkies on each hand that are up. and theyre not even called “wide horns”, and NO, you didnt come up with that on your own, DJ.

    youre all fucking posers

  13. Morley


    This is a symbol Ronnie James Dio’s Nona used to use to ward off the evil eye. He thought it looked cool and incorporated it into his act. Has nothing to do with horns. FUCK!

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