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Judas Priest British Steel Live 2009

I had a religious experience last night…

JUDAS PRIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judas Priest – British Steel Live a the Gibson Amphitheater, Los Angeles CA.

They were beyond awesome!! British Steel live was fucking godly! I have new found love for this masterful heavy metal classic.
Highlights: The Rage (holy shit!!!), Steeler, Rapid Fire (no low points – all killer!)

The rest of the set was also killer!!
Highlights: Victim of Changes (screams!!), The Ripper, Diamonds and Rust
Low points: Nostradamus, Hell Patrol

The performance was filled with passion and energy. The lead playing was incredible, they were really feeling it. KK was fucking on fire, his leads on The Rage were amazing. The sound was intense, great guitar sound, crunchy but with character. Halford was just fucking incredible. What a voice and what a presence. My voice is shot, neck is sore, and I’m still recovering. PRIEST RULES!!

Heavy Metal is my religion! Halford is god, Priest are gods. All hail!!!


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  1. Yeah, if I saw Priest perform all of British Steel it’d be as close to a religious experience as I’m ever gonna get! I hope they come back to Oz, as I was in L.A. when they hit Sydney last time.

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