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The Black Metal Son of Nicholas Cage

Here’s something I get a big kick out of. Its a picture of 18-year-old son of actor Nicolas Cage with his dad, and he’s in his black metal corpse paint, the son not the dad. I wonder what his dad is thinking at the time of this pic…


There’s a video of his band performing at some club on youtube. It’s mediocre to say the least. I don’t listen to much black metal but Cage Jr doesn’t prompt me to venture beyond Bathory and Enslaved. Snarky comments are welcome.


  1. Nepotism was never involved, eh Dan? Why give Cage Jr. any more attention than he’s already getting?! It’s sad that there are a lot of real bands with talent who don’t get noticed because they don’t have the kind of $$$$$ backing them that comes from being the kid of an enormous “media icon.”

  2. I never heard of a REAL black metal band, they are all pretentious wannabe rebels making mostly universally HORRID sounding “music”I’m sure Cage’s son is no better or worse than the “avg” black metal band.

  3. Scott

    makes sense that the son of an emotionless actor would choose an emotionless genre of music (not that I’m against black metal…I enjoy a lot of Black Metal bands, from Immortal to Mayhem).

  4. Emotionless?

    Black metal is no where near “emotionless”, while i WILL say that it probably has less talent in it than say classical or 70’s – early 90’s rock, there is more emotion in it than all the avril lavinges (idk how the fuck to spell it) or lady gagas in the world, and i can say that from a NON fan stand point. Don’t even get me started on all the shitty “rap” as it’s called, retarded repetitive beats (usually pulled from another song) and SHIT lyrics that make no sense/have no emotion. I think of all the genres, Black Metal probably ranks somewhere in the middle of the emotion meter, so “Scott”, fuck off.

  5. Avalina

    actually as an admirer of all genres of music rap(back in the day) probably had the most emotion in it..

  6. Bill

    “It’s mediocre to say the least. I don’t listen to much black metal but Cage Jr doesn’t prompt me to venture beyond Bathory and Enslaved.”

    What the hell do you do, beside write for a blog that only 7 people have read, since August 24th????

  7. J

    wait….what?! what the fuck….

    you guys don’t have idea of what you’re talking about (specially t.rex and scott), and you know what? lets keep it that way because us, who really appreciate this music genera, don’t want idiots like all of you venturing into this kind of music. Just fuck off like that other dude said and keep listening to your every-day boring mainstream bullshit.

    just don’t comment on shit that you don’t know…. geez…

  8. Shiiiiiiiit....

    late to the punch here, but I think it’s pretty cool he’s in a black metal band! As for being emotionless–just because you don’t understand the lyrics doesn’t mean it’s emotionless. In response to the comment about black metal bands having less talent than other genre’s of music, that’s just entirely untrue in the case of about 90% of black metal. I play all kinds of music, but I was in a black metal band for about 8 months, and that was some pretty difficult and complex stuff.

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