I gotta admin I’m pretty excited about this! Technical heavy metal innovators Watchtower are finally making progress on a new album. Check out the video below of drummer Rick Colaluca “drum cam” recording the song Projections from the forthcoming album Mathematics. There is no release date set for the record as of yet but guitarist Ron Jarzombek had this to say: “We are doing our best to finish up a 62-minute, 11-song disc, are having bi-weekly rehearsals, drum studio sessions happen bi-monthly, I personally work on the material nearly every day (recording guitars, drum production, etc.) and we’re slowly chipping away at the wall that we’ve been unable to tear down for the past two decades.”

He goes on to say (I think) that this is all fresh material for the new album. If this snippet of progressive metal greatness is any indication, the album certainly has promise. I loved Control and Resistance and it will be nice to have a follow up after 20 years. I consider Control and Resistance one of best technical progressive heavy metal records.

If you haven’t heard Ron’s latest progressive metal disc check out the video below. It’s a song from Blotted Science which Ron refers to as progressive death metal although its all instrumental. This video is from his forthcoming instructional DVD and its really inspiring. The guy is highly creative and experimental. He plays the whole song ‘Oscillation Cycles’ at the end of the video, so skip all the music theory if you’re not interested. You can see why Ron Jarzombek is regarded as one the premiere prog metal guitarists. The guy really knows music theory and pushes himself to greater heights of creativity and uniqueness with each release. Heavy metal music needs people like this!