Go to Watchtower’s myspace page and hear the new song. I listened to it once so far and its a lot to digest – normal for technical and progressive heavy metal I guess. They jury’s still out.

Press Release info:

Austin, Texas technical metal godfathers WATCHTOWER have released a preliminary mix of a song from their upcoming album “Mathematics”, now streaming exclusively on their MySpace page. The track features the lineup from the legendary “Control and Resistance” album, with Alan Tecchio (vocals) joining Ron Jarzombek (guitar), Doug Keyser (bass), and Rick Colaluca (drums) on this special release of “The Size of Matter”, track number eight on “Mathematics”.

Engineered and mixed by Ron Jarzombek, with vocals mixed by Jon “Jonny Rod” Ciorciari and mastering done by Jacob Hansen (BLOTTED SCIENCE, VOLBEAT, DESTRUCTION), “The Size of Matter” marks the band’s first new piece of original music since 1989’s “Control and Resistance”. According to Keyser, “‘Mathematics’ is a natural evolution of the style on our previous records, with all of the craziness ‘TOWER fans would expect. We really wanted to make this special version of the song available in advance of our festival appearance and we look forward to premiering it live for some of the most die-hard fans anywhere.”