Extreme metal masters Enslaved have revealed their new album title: Axioma Ethica Odini. This is translated as Ethical Principles of Odin. The record will be out in Europe on September 27, 2010 and North America on September 28, 2010. According to their myspace page they will be making another announcement in 4 days.

Here’s the new Enslaved album cover for Axioma Ethica Odini. The CD’s cover artwork was created by the Norwegian artist Truls Espedal, who has painted every Enslaved album cover since ‘Monumension’

Enslaved cover

“Axioma Ethica Odini” tracklisting:
1. Ethica Odini
2. Raidho
3. Waruun
4. The Beacon
5. Axioma
6. Giants
7. Singular
8. Night Sight
9. Lightening

I can’t wait for new ENSLAVED!!!! I loved Vertebrae. Please tour the U.S.A.