LemmyThere’s a highly entertaining Interview with Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead from the Atlantic City Weekly. Why? Because it’s Lemmy of course. Just look at this series of profound Lemmy quotes:

Lemmy talking about being on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect show

“Someone on the panel asked me a stupid question,” Kilmister says. “Then I remember being bored and going out and smoking a joint.”

Lemmy about his recent notoriety:

“It’s good to be held in that kind of regard, but it’s all about the music,” Kilmister says. “I’m a musician, not a personality.”

Lemmy on the current state of rock ‘n’ roll:

“It kills me how bland this period is,” Kilmister says bluntly. “You go backstage these days and you see 20 bottles of Perrier and a bag of nuts. What’s wrong with this fucking picture? Everything is so healthy today and it’s terrible. I don’t get it.”

Lemmy on today’s popular entertainers:

“What the fuck is it about John Mayer?” Kilmister asks. “Someone should explain him to me. And the same goes for Justin Bieber. They’re all such boring people. They’re so fucking serious. I’m not interested in people as boring as that. It’s a shame these people are popular entertainers.”

Lemmy on hip hop:

“Why should I do that when it’s not music,” Kilmister asks. “There’s nothing creative about doing that [rapping] over music someone else created. They go out and take John Bonham’s drumming. I don’t call that music. You think they [rappers] could come up with sounds of their own, even some basic sounds and they can’t do it. Sad.”

Lemmy on women:

“I just try to have fun,” Kilmister says. “It’s about having a good time.”

And this is all from one interview. Lemmy is a treasure trove of insights, opinions, and laughs. You just gotta love the guy. But like he says it’s really about his music. The dude is a brilliant and legendary songwriter, lyricist, and bassist. If you don’t know already, find out why Lemmy and Motorhead rule!

Lemmy of Motorhead

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