“He was an amazing frontman,” says U2’s Bono. “If lyrical and musical ability has to be matched with showmanship, attitude, style, if that’s your version of rock ’n’ roll, there’s no way past Phil Lynott. He’s at the top of the tree.”

Bono just got slightly less annoying. :-)

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Here’s some news on a Philip Lynott Exhibition:
The Dept. of Tourism, Culture and Sport and Dublin City Council have all come together to support The Philip Lynott Exhibition being held from March 4th-April 3rd at Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Dublin, Ireland. Song lyrics, costumes, diaries, instruments, artwork, photographs, video tributes and other memorabilia will be on display in tribute to the late THIN LIZZY frontman who passed away 25 years ago at the age of 36.

(I wish I lived in Ireland)

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