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Jerry Gaskill of King’s X Stable After Heart Attack

I can’t even explain how magical Jerry’s drumming is. I really hope he’s OK and back to full rocking health soon.

Jerry Gaskill, the 54-year-old drummer and singer for the progressive hard rock band KING’S X, suffered a heart attack Saturday night (February 25). The musician was operated on and is said to be in stable condition.

KING’S X was scheduled to launch a three-week tour on March 28 in Austin. There is no word yet on whether those dates will be postponed or canceled.

UPDATES from Dug Pinnick

Jerry update! things are the same, sedated and on ventelator., but, he has developed another lung problem along with the pneumonia. So they are going to do a trakiatamy on him to make it easier for him to breath

Update! Jerry is still sedated and no change, the antibiotics are working on the pneumonia. Dr. says he’s not alarmed, these things will take time. He will recover. Thanks for your support, prayers, and love.
For everyone who asked where to send a card for Jerry…the address is: Riverview Hospital 1 River Plaza Red Bank NJ 07701 For patient Jerry Gaskill. Since he is in ICU flowers are not accepted.

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  1. Say Tann

    It’s “tracheotomy” not “trakiatamy” Geez.

    Trach… Trachea.. … wind pipe…. Breathing…. get it?

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