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Overkill’s New Song – Electric Rattlesnake

I’m one of those old schoolers who thinks Overkill’s 1st album is the ultimate Overkill release, far better than anything they’ve ever done since then. But this song song is pretty cool despite its overt modern production, ultra compression and synthetic sounding drums. Listen to it before youtube takes it down (although it appears to be edited).

“Electric Rattlesnake” is from the upcoming album “The Electric Age”, due to be released on March 27th via eOne Music and March 30th in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records. The Electric Age was recorded and mixed at Gain Studios in New Jersey, owned and operated by bassist D.D. Verni.

“The Electric Age” tracklist:
01. Come And Get It
02. Electric Rattlesnake
03. Wish You Were Dead
04. Drop The Hammer
05. Save Yourself
06. Black Daze
07. 21st Century Man
08. Old Wounds, New Scars
09. All Over But The Shouting
10. Good Night

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  1. Michael Grant

    I’m in love!!

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