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Battle of the Queensryches

Yes metal fans it’s the battle of the Queensryches. The most entertaining metal feud since Ozzy was kicked out of Black Sabbath.

Both Queensryches have released new material. Both are claiming to get back to their metal roots. Wasn’t that what all the fighting was about? Anyway…

Who’s the better Queensryche? Let’s take a listen.

Queensryche: Redemption

Up first is Queensryche with imposter Geoff Tate, Todd LaTorre. Were you expecting the whip-snap riffs of the Michael Wilton of yore? Forget it. What we have here is stale riffing, lame dual guitar harmonies, and unnecessarily speedy guitar solos. Monster drummer Scott Rockenfield does his best to infuse life into the tune with some of his nice beats and fills.

But it’s not enough.

No. Especially when you have to suffer through the wretched vocals of Midnight/Tate clone Todd LaTorre. Why the hell would I want to hear someone copying Geoff Tate? Ugh. Worse than that though; the pitch correction is fucking atrocious! Geez. The guy must have the chops to get a good take, why the Will I Am autotune?

And the chorus. Ugh, a lifeless, pitch perfect, copy/pasted, grating melody. Even worse than the drab verse and clunky prechorus. Blech.

Queensryche: Cold

Up next it’s Geoff Tate’s Queensryche, affectionately called Tateryche. Tateryche perhaps sounds even less like the old QR than the other Queensryche, but “Cold” is the better song.

Yes the riffing is pretty standard, the drumming is nothing special, and damn that guitar solo sounds out of place, but Tateryche has something the other Ryche doesn’t, Tate!

Tate’s melodies blow the crap out LaTorre’s stodgy phrases. And Tate can deliver a song. Tate is a legend for a reason. Maybe he spits on his band mates and tries to punch them, insults his audience, and is generally unlikable, but the son of bitch can sing! The fucker sings from the heart. He’s an original. He’s a classic. No wannabe can recreate his impassioned vocals.

Round #1 goes to Tateryche.


  1. MAC

    I love your music, but I don’t agree with this assessment at all. Tate’s voice sounds completely shot and unmemorable on this song. Not a single noteworthy melody on this below third-rate radio-rock fodder called “Cold” (and only two songs on his album are even marginally better). As pitch-corrected as “Redemption” might be at times, the song is much more memorable (and its the weakest song on their album by far). Obviously this is all a matter of opinion, but can we expect anything resembling a level-headed assessment from you in this battle?

  2. MAC

    I should have explained the last sentence of my first comment. The first two full sentences on the second full-length paragraph of your “Redemption” assessment and the last four sentences on the third paragraph of your “Cold” assessment sound like they will inform every single opinion you have in this battle. Am I wrong in thinking this?

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