“Give me liberty and give me DEATH!”

This year is shaping up to be quite exciting for death metal fans and that means me! YEEEAAHHHH!!!

Here are some great new songs to sink your fangs into.


At The Gates – At War with Reality

I remember when Slaughter of the Soul came out. What a vicious, melodic beast of an album. Looks like they haven’t missed a beat. Their new song sounds fantastic! Chock full of infectious melodies and frenetic vocals arranged for maximum velocity drive.


Calm Hatchery – Blessings of Mantra

I don’t get this band’s name. It sounds like a like a tranquil place to birth baby birds. Despite that, their new album Fading Reliefs is bad ass. This Polish death metal crew infuses their metal with a welcome dose of melody and a mid-eastern vibe. The vocals have some nice variety and the guitar solos are really creative.


Binah – Torpid Blight of the Spirit

Another band name that doesn’t really sound that cool, but the music does. Hailing from the UK and sounding quite Swedish in the guitar tone a la Dismember; these guys create a creepy atmosphere and a driving pulse that buries you in its disease. This song is from their EP A Triad of Plagues on Dark Descent Records.


Horrendous – Nepenthe

Dark Descent Records has another winner here with Horrendous. This is some muscular shit that features a wealth of strong melodies that make it something quite special. It’s more about groove and punch than speed and technique. Their skill is apparent however, but it’s their song craft and delivery that make Horrendous something worth hearing.


Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

This is a mammoth onslaught of metal fury. Tom G. Warrior continues to expand his legacy with another worthy record. I love the Triptykon sound, so thick, menacing, and raw. What’s cool is amidst the pummeling there are hooks and melodies that draw you even further into the dark, sinister mood of the record. Check out the whole album below.