Purson’s second ever US show was at the Viper Room here in LA on Nov 5. I don’t really understand how this one off gig came to be since the band had to travel from doing the Kiss Cruise in FL, doesn’t seem economically viable, but I’m much appreciative. Purson was fantastic.

Rosalie CunninghamThey played most of their new EP In the Meantime and a bunch of great songs from their debut full length plus one song from their demo called “Twos and Ones” which sounded awesome live. Unfortunately they omitted “The Tempest and the Tide”, one of my faves. Most of the tunes sounded better that their recorded counterparts with a notable exception of “Spiderwood Farm” which lacked the energy of the recorded version from the debut.

Front-woman Rosalie Cunningham was impressive. Here voice was strong and emotive and her lead guitar playing was a tapestry of unique sounds and catchy melodies. Her banter with the crowd was limited but her onstage presence was dramatic and striking. And she was rocking a Gibson SG! Sweet tone!

The other members were all great players and fun to watch on stage. Perhaps even more importantly they all had wonderful tone and character to their instruments. Samuel Shove’s keys created a distinct retro compliment to George Hudson’s guitar. And the rhythm section of Justin Smith, bass, James Last, drums, was prominent and forceful.

Purson’s live show matches the quality of their records. I love that! This band is just getting started and has the goods to take it higher, get on board and be a Purson person!