Hey folks! Do you want to “own” a worthless piece of a mediocre Testament song? Step right up then! You can now buy stock in the Testament song “Native Blood” from the New York Rock Exchange. What does that stock get you? Nothing really because:

**Important disclaimer**: New York Rock Exchange shares are for entertainment only. They are not securities, and do not provide a financial stake in the music. Your ownership rights are subject to important limitations, and can be revoked.

Corporate Metal

This is obviously a creative way for Testament to make some more cash from their music, good for them, but ya know… Testament has been at this game for years and I’m certain at this point they are under no illusion that they can can actually make a living off their music. Why align yourself with this corporate-ish Wall Street type of promotion? Doesn’t exactly scream HEAVY METAL to me.

This is what you get as part of the deal:

* Limited ownership of the song “Native Blood”
* Early access to the new TESTAMENT album coming in 2015
* Invitation to join Chuck and Eric for an exclusive online shareholder meeting.
* Limited-edition print of Chuck’s handwritten song lyrics for “Native Blood”
* Foil embossed Certificate Of Ownership to hang on your wall like a gold record

Forever Proud

So what this is really is a special super fan package. Why not call it the Testament “Forever Proud” Native Blood Fan Pack and be done with it. Yes its less gimmicky, but more congruent with the vibe of a metal band.

Real Blood

If Testament really wants to create a buzz that doesn’t scream “investment banker”, why not offer vials of Chuck Billy’s blood extracted from a wound inflicted from an authentic native American arrowhead as part of the deal. Yeah! That’s metal! And how nicely that all ties in with the song!  :-)

The Song

To be fair “Native Blood” is a pretty decent song off their 2012 record Dark Roots Of Earth. Check it out.