Last night I was shocked with 1000 Voltos!  Volto! is an electrifying, thunderous band from Los Angeles CA.   Their heavy rock jazz fusion hits you like a sonic blast from an alien robot that swallowed up Miles Davis.

The core of this band this band is Lance Morrison on bass, Danny Carey (of Tool, yep!) on drums, and John Ziegler on guitars.  The lineup at this gig had Matt Rohde on keyboards and Matt Garstka from “Animals As Leaders” sitting in for Danny Carey (big shoes to fill!)

Each one of these guys is a technical master of his instrument, but combined it’s even greater than the sum of its parts.  The tunes, which included Zeppelin, Miles Davis and Billy Cobham covers, gave each member time to shine and shine they did, like a million laser beams!


Ziegler and Morrison

The bottom end from Morrison thumped like the shoes of the Iron Giant, with tremors that scrambled your guts.  Ziegler’s guitar assaulted you like some kind of super ray gun with a hundred different settings; screaming, echoing, soaring from the stationary Ziegler, seated as if to say, you don’t need to see me all that much, just hear me.  Matt Rohde’s keys brought the sound even further into other realms with wild fluid melodic passages and bizarre squeals from Rocketship X-M.  Just amazing!  Fill in drummer Matt Garstka actually made you not think about Danny Carey.  He ruthlessly pounded and pummeled his kit; I felt sorry for the damn drums.  The sheer number of fills and trills coming out Garstka photon cannon was overpowering.

If you’ve heard Volto! on record or YouTube but not live, well you haven’t really heard Volto!  This is a live band, you need to be there when spaceship Volto! lands, the ground shakes, and your brainwaves are twisted and bent into a Mobius strip, never to unwind.

A Volto! original Song Called ‘Grip It’


Matt Rohde’s otherworldly keys