Canadian retro metal masters Blood Ceremony are back with a new tune from their forthcoming album Lords of Misrule.  Listen to that voice!  So blood curdling, evil, and wicked.  And the riff immediately snakes around your gut and grips you tight.  Give me some more Blood Ceremony!!  I must see them on tour!  Here’s their new song “Old Fires.”

Taking its title from this fascinating slice of religious history, Blood Ceremony’s fourth album evokes pagan rites and the bizarre mystical underbelly of rural Britain. Embracing the psychedelic and progressive in their indelible songcraft, guitarist Sean Kennedy, bassist Lucas Gadke, drummer Michael Carrillo and triple threat vocalist/flautist/organist Alia O’Brien have created what Kennedy calls “a very English album,” despite the band’s very Canadian heritage. Recorded to analogue tape with producer Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios in London, Lord Of Misrule possesses a timeless quality within the rock epoch: It could stand alongside a Shocking Blue or Deep Purple record as easily as it will take its place among 2016’s finest albums.