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Death Metal Roundup 2014

  “Give me liberty and give me DEATH!”   This year is shaping up to be quite exciting for death metal fans and that means me! YEEEAAHHHH!!! Here are some great new songs to sink your fangs into.   At… Continue Reading →

Accept and Destruction Unite to Form Panzer

Cool News: Vocalist and bassist Schmier, of Destruction, guitarist Herman Frank and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann both of Accept have united for form a new German heavy metal powerhouse called Panzer. This sounds promising!  European release on November 28th 2014. Why do… Continue Reading →

Yob – Clearing The Path To Ascend streaming

I’m not very familiar with Yob and I know very little about them. What I do know after listening to their new record only once so far, is that it’s awesome. It crushes. It draws you in, pulls at you,… Continue Reading →

Best Metal Albums of 1984 that I Actually Bought in 1984

Its 2014; I did some quick calculations and that’s thirty years since 1984, making this year the thirtieth anniversary of many classic metal albums.  That’s got me to remembering back to when I was a lad, feverishly purchasing and wearing out… Continue Reading →

Best Heavy Metal Albums of 2013

It’s time for year end lists!  Actually it was time for year-end lists weeks ago.  I should get an award for being the last blogger to post a best of 2013 list.  Well let’s not waste any more time, it’s… Continue Reading →

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